Holiday Gift Guide: 110 Magical Items For The Disney Lover In Your Life

Today’s post is sponsored by Tiffany Schmidt and The Boy Next Story, the second book in the Bookish Boyfriends series!

Title Bookish Boyfriends: The Boy Next Story
Author Tiffany Schmidt
Intended Target Audience Young Adult
Publication Date May 21st 2019 by Harry N. Abrams
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The second book in a series where your favorite literary characters come to life, inspired by the timeless classic, Little Women!

There’s no one better than the boy next door. At least not according to Aurora Campbell, fourteen, who has been in love with Tobias May since their very first sandbox kiss. The problem is, he’s in love with her older sister, Merrilee. And Merri is already dating one of his best friends.

Rory is learning all about pining as her class reads The Great Gatsby, a book she doesn’t find “great” at all. Also not great — her GPA, something she needs to fix, quickly, if she’d like to apply for the chance to spend a week studying art with her hero in New York City over winter break. But when Ms. Gregoire assigns her to read Little Women for extra credit, Rory discovers more than she expected — both about herself and Toby. Maybe she wasn’t in love with the boy next door…but the boy next story.

Love is complicated, and it’s all about to get even trickier for Rory at Reginald R. Hero Prep…where with the help of one quirky English teacher, students’ fantasies come true, often with surprising consequences.

Cool Yule is a special seasonal event on Pop! Goes The Reader in which I put a fun twist on some of my regular features and share a number of new, holiday-themed posts including wallpapers, reviews, recipes, gift guides, and much more!

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that I love the holidays. I love the food, the music, the decorations, and especially the extra time spent with those I love. I also really love giving gifts.

For me, gift-giving is a year-round affair. Did you mention in May that you were searching for a book on Old Hollywood scandals or couldn’t wait to read the sequel to a book you absolutely loved the year before? Chances are I was surreptitiously making a note on my phone and you would eventually find that very thing waiting under the tree for you come December.

Of all the gifts I love to give, I particularly love book-inspired ones. Shocking, I know. There’s a particular joy in sharing what I love with others, and seeing that thing inspire joy in them, too. This year, I thought it might be fun to share a series of gift guides that will do just that. From mugs to enamel pins, jewelry to artwork, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing a number of different gift guides for the literature lover in your life that will hopefully make this holiday season a little more fun, a lot less stressful, and maybe even help you love gift-giving, too.

01. Toy Story “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” by Stylez Apparel

02. Toy Story “Andy’s Toy” by Em’s The Best

03. Cinderella “Coach” by Custom Styles LB

04. “The Happiest Place On Earth” by Neverland Tee Co.

05. Frozen “Snowflake” by Main Street Merch

06. “What A Wonderful World” by Woobie Beans Gifts

07. Splash Mountain “Plenty Of Sunshine Heading My Way” by Magically Melvin

08. Inside Out “Everybody Hurts Sometimes” by EBE Design

09. “Powered By Fairy Dust” by The Sunday Daisy

10. “Piglet” by Crazy Corgi Lady Design

11. Haunted Mansion “Madame Leota” by Bunnies and Bows

12. Big Thunder Mountain “The Wildest Ride In The Wilderness” by Magically Melvin

13. Journey Into Imagination With Figment “One Little Spark” by Kelly Does Magic

14. “I’m Here For The Snacks” by Exclusive Allure

15. “A Pirate’s Life For Me” by 7 Seas Trading Co.

16. Winnie the Pooh “Oh Bother” by The Sunday Daisy

17. “Citrus Swirl” by Crazy Corgi Lady Design

18. Zootopia “It’s Called A Hustle, Sweetheart” by LBF Magic Co.

19. Peter Pan “Second Star To The Right” by House Of Paper By Alana

20. Peter Pan “We Were Only Trying To Drown Her” by Upon A Dream Images

21. Carousel of Progress “It’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” by KellyDoesMagic

22. “Walt Disney World 1971” by Second Star Co. Shop

23. Mickey “Peace” by TopTeeStudio

24. “Disney Cruiseline” by Best Day Evear

25. “Disney Snacks” by Best Day Evear

26. “Pizza” by Ears By Maci

27. “Winnie the Pooh” by Enchanted Alexandra

28. “Lion King” by Foster The Magic Co.

29. “Winnie the Pooh” by Engelhart Designs

30. “Epcot” by The Mouse Boutique Shop

31. “Daisy Duck” by Weirdie Ears

32. “Groovy” by My Whimsical Wonders Co.

33. Zootopia “Judy Hopps” by Fairy Tales and Crafts

34. “Monsters Inc.” by Best Day Evear

35. “Floral” by Finite Little Gems

36. “Felt Flowers” by Alison Michel

37. “Ratatouille” by Imagineve

38. “Steamboat Willie” by Millennial Boutique

39. The Nightmare Before Christmas “Jack Skellington” by Odd Sprout

40. The Aristocats “Marie” by Oh Hey! Studios

41. Toy Story “Andy’s Room Balloon” by Castles and Confetti

42. “It’s A Small World Clock Face” by Polk and Dot Shop

43. “Little Mermaid Mickey Ears” by Shop Azula

44. “Tangled” by Luby and Lola

45. “Geometric Mickey” by Vintage M Life

46. “Cotton Candy Mickey” by Castle Party Designs

47. “Dumbo” by Les Fantasy De Justine

48. “It’s A Small World” by Charmed and Cozy

49. Wreck-It Ralph “Vanellope” by Melle Nora

50. “Mickey Pretzel” by Tiny Insect

51. “Cats and Snacks: Pinocchio’s Figaro” by We’re All Mad Here Co.

52. “Hercules” by Enchanted Dan

53. Fantasia “Sorcerer Mickey” by Melle Nora

54. “Disney Duck” by Kate Paul Illustration

55. “Mickey Popcorn Bucket” by Studio 1955

56. It’s A Small World “Porg” by See Ya Ear Soon

57. “Rapunzel Stitch” by Clubhouse Buttons

58. Moana “Shiny” by Risa Rodil

59. The Little Mermaid “Ursula” by Rebecca O Regan

60. The Muppets “Minimalism” by Alyssa Ostroff

61. The Muppets “Kermit” by Frasier Fan Club

62. “The Princess and The Frog” by Live It Up

63. “Mulan” by Taylae Draws

64. “Mulan” by Petra Imboden

65. The Princess and The Frog and Ratatouille “Bon Appétit” by Mariana Avila

66. “Wreck-It Ralph” by George Hatzis

67. “Moana” by Christine

68. “Tinker Bell” by Ni Lynn

69. 101 Dalmatians “Oh Roger, You Are An Idiot” by Karynslee

70. “Moana” by Susanne

71. Ratatouille “Anyone Can Cook” by Pixie Penmanship

72. Hercules “That’s The Gospel Truth” by Mariana Avila

73. The Haunted Mansion “The Phantom Five” by Designed 4 Dis

74. Who Framed Roger Rabbit “Bunny Love” by Randy van der Vlag

75. Big Hero 6 “Baymax” by Alison V.

76. The Muppets “Alphabet” by Mike Boon

77. The Little Mermaid “The Colours Of” by Hyos

78. The Muppets “Gonzo The Great” by KatyAleshire

79. Big Hero 6 “Baymax” by Carola Marin Illustrations

80. “Magic Kingdom” by Rob Yeo Design

81. “The Haunted Mansion” by Minimalist Magic

82. Aladdin “A Whole New World” by Beverly Holtzem Art

83. The Muppets “Rainbow Connection” by Ape Meets Girl

84. “Pocahontas” by Maira Artwork

85. “Enchanted Tiki Room” by Randy van der Vlag

86. “Enchanted Tiki Room” by Kalli Turner

87. “Sleeping Beauty” by Holy Smoaks

88. Lilo and Stitch “Experiment 6.2.6” by Le Duc

89. “Magic Kingdom” Candle by C and E Craft Co.

90. “The Grand Floridian” Candle by Maple and Whisky

91. “Kermit” Brooch by Acrylic Coco Frankie

92. Tangled “Best Day Ever” Patch by Happily Ever Tees Inc.

93. “Mickey Donut” Patch by Margarita’s Bag

94. “Disney Camera” Stickers by Adventure Awaits You Co.

95. “Passholder” Mug by Studio 1955

96. “Mickey Beaded Charm” Keychain by I Got Chew

97. “Fluffy Mickey” Keychain by Wish Upon Magic

98. “Up” Keychain by Maraviglie

99. “Gingerbread Mickey” Keychain by Okay By Steph

100. Mary Poppins “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” Notebook by Draw Me A Song

101. “Aladdin” Notebooks by Dubu Dumo

102. “Figment” Framed Paper Cut by Happy Place Provisions

103. Haunted Mansion “Madame Leota” Temporary Tattoo by Seventh Skin

104. “Peter Pan” Temporary Tattoo by Smash Tat

105. “Park Hop ‘Til You Drop” by Vacay Mode Shop

106. Aristocats “Marie” Zip Pouch by That’s Ferntastic

107. Cinderella “Castle” Wallet by The Mouselets

108. Fantasia “Sorcerer Mickey” Pin Board by Tower of Treasure

109. The Little Mermaid “Ariel” Wall Clock by Sol Pixie Dust

110. “Disney” Wall Clock by Elena’s Clocks

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