Do! Judge A Book By Its Cover Issue 132: Fantasy (Part 13)

Today’s post is sponsored by Colleen Oakes and Erin Armknecht and Sister of the Chosen One!

Title Sister of the Chosen One
Author Colleen Oakes and Erin Armknecht
Intended Target Audience Young Adult
Publication Date September 22nd 2020
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Valora Rigmore understands pressure. As the Chosen One (resident telekinetic, superstar and model girlfriend) her life revolves around it. According to an ancient prophesy, Valora is destined to fight Erys, a terrifying individual with the power to control monsters. Valora is worshipped at school, in the press and by her parents, but as the battle with Erys looms near, the cracks in her perfect façade are beginning to show.

Her twin, Grier Rigmore understands disappointment. A curvy bookworm perpetually in the shadow of her sister’s legacy, Grier’s life is one long humiliation after another. However, as Valora’s fandom reaches an unbearable fever pitch, an interesting new boy and a clever teacher spark Grier’s curiosity about her own powerful gifts.

When Grier’s star begins to rise, so do more questions: like who is truly the Chosen One, and will two sisters at odds survive long enough to understand the answer?

Best described as Harry Potter meets Mindy Kaling, Sister of the Chosen One is a darkly funny, female empowered YA epic about siblings struggling to connect with each other, free themselves of labels and save the world in the process.

Do! Judge A Book By Its Cover is a regular feature on Pop! Goes The Reader in which I pay tribute to some of the best and brightest the publishing world has to offer in the way of book cover design.

Please Note: I’ve done my best to credit the designers and artists responsible for the beautiful covers below, but was unable to find this information for a number of those listed. If you know of an uncredited designer responsible for any of these book covers, please let me know and I would be happy to include proper attribution in this post. Their work is lovely and deserves to be credited.

01. Seasons of the Storm by Elle Cosimano
(Cover design: Jenna Stempel-Lobell ● Cover art: Pauline Boiteux)

02. The ​Crow Rider by Kalyn Josephson
(Cover design: Nicole Hower ● Cover art: Tran Nguyen)

03. Magic Dark and Strange by Kelly Powell
(Cover design: Sonia Chaghatzbanian ● Cover art: Miranda Meeks)

04. Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron
(Cover design: Jet Purdie ● Cover art: Fernanda Suarez)

05. Lost In The Never Woods by Aiden Thomas
(Cover art: Loika)

06. Vicious Spirits by Kat Cho
(Cover design: Valentina Remenar ● Cover art: Valentina Remenar)

07. Court of Lions by Somaiya Daud

08. Wench by Maxine Kaplan
(Cover design: Will Staehle ● Cover art: Will Staehle ● Art direction: Hana Anouk Nakamura)

09. Ebonwilde by Crystal Smith
(Cover art: Chantal Horeis)

10. Sweet & Bitter Magic by Adrienne Tooley
(Cover design: Laura Eckes ● Cover art: Tara Phillips)

11. River of Dreams by Jan Nash
(Cover design: Aurora Parlagreco ● Cover art: Wesley Allsbrook)

12. Shielded by KayLynn Flanders
(Cover design: Regina Flath ● Cover art: Alex Dos Diaz)

13. A Curse of Roses by Diana Pinguicha
(Cover design: Bree Archer)

14. The Damned by Renée Ahdieh
(Cover design: Theresa Evangelista ● Cover photography: Meg Cowell)

15. Bone Crier’s Dawn by Kathryn Purdie
(Cover design: Joel Tippie and Amy Ryan ● Cover art: Charlie Bowater)

16. A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow
(Art direction: Lesley Worrell ● Cover art: Alex Cabal)

17. Written In Starlight by Isabel Ibañez
(Cover design: Isabel Ibañez ● Cover art: Isabel Ibañez)

18. Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust
(Cover design: Sasha Vinogradova ● Cover art: Sasha Vinogradova)

Now it’s your turn! What are some of your favourite Fantasy covers? Did I list one of your favourites here or is there one I forgot that just has to be included? Let me know in the comments!

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