The Literary Shopaholic: The Writing’s On The Wall

‘The Literary Shopaholic’ is a sporadic feature on Pop! Goes The Reader in which I highlight some of my favourite literary-themed items. From bookmarks to bookends, purses to posters and everything in between, I’ve selected a few things that will be at the very top of my shopping list this season!

Regular readers of Pop! Goes The Reader will know that one of my most consistent (and popular) features is The Writing’s On The Wall, in which I use some of my favourite passages from books I’ve adored as the basis for wallpapers for your computer, phone, or tablet. This got me thinking (Always a dangerous prospect, I know). What were other people creating in honour of their favourite literary landmarks? Today’s post is the direct result of that question, a combination of two of my favourite features, and a project that is very close to my heart. There are few things more important to me than supporting local and/or independent artistry, and it’s my honour today to share even a small sampling of some of the beautiful works of art I happened upon while on this really fun journey of discovery. Best of all, each and every one of these pieces are available for purchase and I’ve included both a link to the individual piece as well as to the artist’s shop for ease of use. So break out those wallets and warm up those credit cards – With any luck one of these prints might just be the perfect match for you!

Certified Book Addict” by Risa Rodil ● “Reading” by Katrin Ewert ● “Tea and Books” by What Katie Does

Reading Gals” by K.B. Doodles ● “Books Are Fucking Epic” by Brittnee-Leigh ● “Good Girl” by La Belette Rose

The Desert Librarian” by Aleks Sennwald ● “More Than Just Books” by Chelsea Herrick ● “The Shelf” by Budi Satria Kwan

The Secrets Of The World” by The Happy Pencil Shoppe ● “Happy Endings” by Natasha Kline ● “Winter” by Bumpy

I Like Big Books” by Tea Cup Piranha ● “Flying” by Andrea De Santis ● “Cookbooks” by Maria Adelmann

Read More Books” by Eric Bird ● “Poetry Typewriter” by Kata ● “A Uniquely Portable Magic” by Maximus Type

A Book Is A Dream” by Risa Rodil ● “Cactus Love” by Ceren Aksu Dikenci ● “Fight Evil. Read Books.” by Katy Dwyer Design

Stars and Constellations” by Risa Rodil ● “Divergent Items” by Isabelle Silva ● “Mr. Darcy Emerging From The Pond” by Pemberley Pond

I Capture The Castle” by Siminiblocker ● “The Great Gatsby” by Adam Osgood ● “Wuthering Heights” by Zoe Prose

Luna Lovegood” by Thais Magnta Canha ● “Le Petit Prince” by Marco Friend ● “Matilda” by Verity

The Great Gatsby” by Van Huynh ● “Jane Eyre Guitar” by Lady Puns ● “Pride and Prejudice Toile” by Aimee Steinberger

Good Thoughts” by Kensie Kate ● “Perfectly, Incandescently Happy” by Laura K Illustration ● “Lolita” by Tutti Confetti

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  1. ^^ YESSS. Seriously, I wish I weren’t in temporary housing and broke and unemployed. I love the cactus one so much, and I have a ton of cacti because I’m cool. I also really like the reading gals one up at the top, feel like that would make EXCELLENT wrapping paper!
    Cassie (Happy Book Lovers) recently posted…Red Queen ReviewMy Profile

  2. JEN STOP. (ahahaha I just noticed how all of the comments so far have started in all caps)

    I love bookish art. 🙂 I actually shared the Dahl print last year and own another one of his quotes (And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.) that my mom had custom-made for me for Christmas.

    This actually came at a perfect time: Matt and I have been house hunting and that’s gotten my creative juices flowing. My pinterest boards have been exploding with ideas for projects, decor, color schemes, and here and there I’ve been buying cute little kitschy things for MY room (in our current out we each have a room set aside for ourselves – Matt’s got his man cave/gaming room and I have my reading nook). So, yeah, don’t be at all surprised if a bunch of these come home with me. 🙂

    The Gatsby ones make my heart beat a little faster and I’m looooving the Books are Fucking Epic print! <3
    Leah recently posted…The Accidental Empress by Allison PatakiMy Profile

  3. Oh my goooosh I LOVE ALL THESE SO MUCH. Thank you so much for putting this post together for my eyes to feast upon. I really cannot afford any of these especially since international shipping is so expensive ;____; but ahhhhh I especially want a mug or a tote bag of ‘Fight Evil, Read Books’!! It’s just so fun and cute the colours are so pretty. The Luna Lovegood one is also gorgeeeeeous, I would love to have a rug with that print on it on my floor!! AHHHHH I WISH I COULD AFFORD THESE THINGS.
    Cynthia @ Afterwritten recently posted…Top Ten Book-Related Problems I HaveMy Profile

  4. Gracious my goooosh I LOVE ALL THESE SO MUCH. Much thanks to you such a great amount for assembling this post for my eyes to devour upon. I truly can’t bear the cost of any of these particularly since worldwide delivery is so costly ;____; yet ahhhhh I particularly need a mug or a tote sack of ‘Battle Evil, Read Books’!! It’s simply so fun and adorable the hues are so lovely. The Luna Lovegood one is additionally gorgeeeeeous, I would love to have a mat with that print on it on my floor!! AHHHHH I WISH I COULD AFFORD THESE THINGS.

  5. Benevolent my goooosh I LOVE ALL THESE SO MUCH. Much gratitude to you such an incredible sum for collecting this post for my eyes to eat up upon. I really can’t hold up under the cost of any of these especially since overall conveyance is so exorbitant ;____; yet ahhhhh I especially require a mug or a tote sack of ‘Fight Evil, Read Books’!! It’s basically so fun and cute the tints are so dazzling. The Luna Lovegood one is also gorgeeeeeous, I would love to have a tangle with that print on it on my floor!! AHHHHH I WISH I COULD AFFORD THESE THINGS.

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