Top Twelve 2014 Releases I’m Dying To Read

“Top Ten Tuesday” is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is the Top Twelve 2014 Releases I’m Dying To Read. I consider this post a monumental accomplishment. Why’s that, you ask? With so many wonderful releases slated for 2014, I was hard pressed to limit

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Do! Judge A Book By Its Cover – Issue Fifteen: Christmas & Seasonal

“Do! Judge A Book By Its Cover!” is a semi-regular feature on Pop! Goes The Reader inspired by Katie’s feature Cover Love on her blog One Page At A Time. The idea is being used with her gracious permission. I think we’re all familiar with the age-old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

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Hiatus: See You In December!

I wish I didn’t have to do this. In fact, I’ve wracked my brain over the last week to think of any way it could be avoided. Unfortunately, at this point is seems inescapable. As you might have noticed, Pop! Goes The Reader was strangely silent last week. While this was primarily because I was

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‘Tis The Season: A Christmas 2013 Sneak Peak

It’s November 1st! So, you know what that means – It’s time to begin preparing for Christmas! For those of you who don’t know, I’m what one might call a Christmas fanatic. I eat, sleep, and breathe the holiday all year ’round, and not simply for one or two months out of the year. There

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Hi! I’m Jen! I’m a thirty-something introvert who loves nothing more than the cozy comfort of home and snuggling my two rescue cats, Pepper and Pancakes. I also enjoy running, jigsaw puzzles, baking and everything Disney. Few things bring me more joy than helping a reader find the right book for them!